2018 Grant Winners

Grow n Give Garden
Crossing Elementary
Enables the creation and maintenance of a garden by students with behavioral disorders, such as ODD, Autism, and ADHD that may affect their performance in the classroom. These students will benefit in being part of this project to help increase and improve their educational experience and acceptance within the school community.

Young STEM Learners Program (YSL)
Davidson High School
Engages former HCSD graduates to bring STEM curriculum training to grade school students that are from lower income families;  Specifically funded seven robots to use in the program.

Music for a New Beginning
Memorial Middle School
Commissions 3 new pieces of music for the new Memorial Middle School building;  Involves band, orchestra and choir students with composers to learn how it was created and understand the music and how best to perform it.

Learning in the Wild: A Night at the Zoo
JW Reason Elementary
Allowed the 5th graders at JW Reason the experience of spending a night at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to explore nocturnal animals, including owls, habitats and adaptations that help these animals survive in the world around them. This program also allows time to apply learned concepts about constellations by observing and finding constellations throughout the night with experts at the zoo.

World Music Drumming Lab
Norwich Elementary
Funding used to repair drumming equipment, however, brings a new innovative dimension by adding a New World Drumming Curriculum by Will Schmid with music lessons from multiple world cultures.

Alan Gratz Author Visit
This author won numerous awards. The books are about refugees from various times and places in our world’s history. Provides diverse perspective and exposure to the students.

Musical Looping with David Wong
Heritage Middle School
Leveraged a visit by musical artist David Wong and 36 clinics to explore looping technology to create and perform elaborate arrangements of music of all genres using alternate learning styles.