The foundation manages and awards college scholarships to graduates from Hilliard Bradley, Hilliard Davidson and Hilliard Darby High Schools. The scholarships are awarded each spring to selected applicants in accordance with the donor’s intentions.

In 2024, 26 scholarships were awarded from funds managed by the Hilliard Education Foundation for a total of over $28,500 in scholarships! Since 1989, we’ve given away more than $500,000 in scholarships.

Congratulations to the 2024 Winners

Hilliard Education Foundation Scholarship
Emma Abate, Bradley
Julie McMahon, Darby
Kehlin Morgan, Davidson

Chip Pliickebaum Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Lamb, Bradley
Brianna Carter, Darby
Phillip Cox, Davidson

Ackerson Eye Care Scholarship
Aarushi Sharma, Bradley
Clare Nicklas, Darby
Josh Faulkner, Davidson

Megan Bell Memorial Scholarship
Addison Wilson, Darby

Steve Clark Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Brown, Davidson

Ruth Fullen Memorial Scholarship
Conner Wallen, Darby

Hilliard City School District Administrator Scholarship
Arlaejah Fort, Bradley
Teige Plumley, Bradley
Sara Togni, Bradley
Mya Duncan, Darby
Julie McMahon, Darby
Jackson Byard, Davidson
James Rheinfrank, Davidson
Sarah Zawisza, Davidson

Sophia Rose Margiotta Memorial Scholarship
Natalie McCreary, Excellence in Friendship, Bradley
Lauren Pollack, Distinction in Friendship, Bradley
Ava Tyree, Quality in Friendship, Bradley
Reagan Parsell, Quality in Friendship, Bradley

Michelle Miller Memorial Scholarship
Carly Hayse, Darby

Suzy Turner Memorial Scholarship
Justin Chapman, Bradley