Grant Recipients

Responsive Approach to Social & Emotional Needs

Alton Darby Elementary
Grant Award: $4,3744

Grant Writer(s): Missy Andrews, Tiffany Hutchins and Jillian Kalb
Sent six teachers to Responsive Classroom training to improve the outcomes of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) curriculum.


Ruling Our Experience (ROX)

Hilliard Station
Grant Award: $3,412

Grant Writer(s): Amy Graber and Erin Lewis
The ROX program was for four groups of 10 6th grade students and also included the purchase of self-defense equipment.

Because You Matter

Heritage Middle School
Grant Award: $4,750

Grant Writer(s): Beth Boza and Aubray Gibson

School-wide initiative to encourage a positive climate and sense of belonging; supports SEL (Social Emotional Learning) curriculum and arts program. Every student creates art (poetry, story, drawing, etc.) and combined with poster pictures.