Volunteer to help with our programs.

Volunteer your services as a Hilliard Education Foundation Trustee. The Board of Trustees is comprised of 18 community members and six non-voting representatives from Hilliard City Schools and the Board of Education.

Board service is strictly voluntary and requires active involvement in fundraising activities, committees, school PTOs, and event coordination and participation.  Board members serve a minimum three-year term and are eligible to serve additional terms.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering, please contact us.

Provide your financial support

The Hilliard Education Foundation supports and enhances the education of all Hilliard City Schools students, by soliciting, managing, and distributing funds for educational purposes and activities which may not otherwise be funded. Donations are encouraged from individuals, corporations, estates, memorials, private foundations, and fundraising activities. Funding is supplemental and does not replace or alter the use of tax revenues to the District.

Donate to Friends of the Foundation Fund

Funds contributed to the Friends of the Foundation Fund are distributed annually to district teachers and staff through the HEF Annual Grants Program that provides funding for creative classroom projects and innovative district initiatives that are beyond the scope of the district’s annual budgets.

Unrestricted funds are distributed in alignment with strategic priorities of Hilliard City Schools and the Hilliard Education Foundation. Restricted or designated funds are managed and distributed in accordance with the donors’ specific intentions.

These grants directly impact the educational achievement of all students and demonstrate community appreciation for the economic and quality-of-life benefits of a strong and vibrant public school system.

Donate to Hilliard City Schools Innovation Fund

In 2012, the Hilliard Education Foundation established the  Hilliard City Schools Innovation Fund to begin to set aside funds specifically to help support the development costs and ongoing programming of the McVey Innovative Learning Center.  The Foundation raised close to $50,000 to support the professional development of the Center’s teachers and staff, fund some of its startup technology, and support the development of a District history wall.

The Learning Center is designed to provide innovative educational opportunities for students of all needs, providing tutoring for at-risk or challenged students and enrichment programs for the district’s talented and gifted students.

Learn more about the Innovation Campus

Donate to Hilliard Davidson, Hilliard Darby, and Hilliard Bradley Leadership Societies

Funds contributed to the Leadership Societies directly impact the educational achievement of our high school students. The principals of each school use the funds to begin or sustain crucial and innovative programs that might otherwise not be funded. Key priorities include programs such as a virtual high school academy, technologies to support revised social studies programming, foreign language enrichment activities, and digital music labs. Funds contributed are distributed annually to ensure that strategically important priorities move forward, even as general fund revenues decrease.

You are invited to become a member of a select group of alumni, parents, and friends who share a strong connection with one of our District high schools. Leadership Society members will receive periodic updates on their investment in their schools innovative

To learn more about becoming a member, please contact us