Thanks to the generous contributions from more than 70 donors, we are ecstatic to announce that the Hilliard Education Foundation (HEF) raised $20,010 for the Jessica Grové Classroom Grants Fund for the Performing Arts!  With these funds, students with a passion for the arts will experience new opportunities for learning that will unlock their imaginations, impact the curriculum and enrich their mental health.

A special thank you to the Grové family for their unwavering dedication to HEF and the Hilliard Schools community. Jessica’s moving performance and their special family story was seen by more than 1,000 people; it's clear they inspired a movement of happiness and we appreciate their partnership.

Thank you to our Champions who gave to this cause! With the Grové family's $10,000 match, your donations - and the difference they will make - were doubled.

  • Laing Akers
  • Ebby BC
  • Katy Barr
  • Stephanie Balogh
  • Monica Flugge Bell
  • JD Biros
  • Robin Brenneman
  • Brynne Bremer
  • Maria and Tracy Bugg
  • Mitzi Buck
  • Debbie Cochran
  • Geoff Cohen
  • Judy Coles
  • Jeff Core
  • Norman and Shirley Dewire
  • Jim and Joyce Dietz
  • Thomas Ditkoff
  • Janet Monseur Durr
  • Mindi Fisher
  • Jill Gerschutz
  • Angela Griffin
  • Stephanie Hampton
  • Rachel Heine
  • Mark Henkel
  • Doreen Hribar
  • Bianca Ianzito
  • Michelle Kuhn
  • George Kun
  • Britani Kyser
  • Tierra Lane
  • Marisa LaPalomento
  • Judy Wood Lease
  • Tom and Kathy Lindsey
  • Mandy Decker Londer
  • Nadia Long
  • Jessica Love
  • Amanda and Shawn Morris
  • Sandra Nagy
  • Kent Oakley
  • Robert O’Brien
  • Mark Pohlman
  • William Riat
  • Fabien Robert
  • Allison Russo
  • Joy Rybinsk
  • Thalia Schramm
  • Sarah Schregardus
  • Danielle Schrickel
  • Sarah Schroeder
  • Jeff and Stephanie Schumaker
  • Jenny Shelton
  • Johnna Sprockett
  • Cathy Smith
  • Jenny Starr
  • Donna Swenson
  • Sarah Thress
  • Bill and Kathy Uttley
  • Penny Webster
  • Jayne Wenner
  • Brian Wilson
  • 7 additional donors who gave

Donating $1,000
     Tom, Donnette and Brittany Calhoon

Donating $2,500
     Hilliard Education Association

Donating $10,000
     Grové Family

If you missed your chance to give, please consider making a gift today at Please be sure to note that your donation is for the Jessica Grové Fund for the Performing Arts.