2022 Grant Winners

In 2022 the Hilliard Education Foundation awarded six grants with a total of almost $23,000 awarded and impacting thousands of students in Hilliard schools.

Adapted PE Bikes
Alton Darby Creek Campus
This grant provides adaptive bikes that will be used for the life skills students with disabilities, and students throughout the district will have the opportunity to use the equipment. The bikes feature cushioned backrests, seatbelts and weighted pedals and will allow the students using them to bike ride independently with their peers. This project will promote socialization, coordination, endurance, physical fitness, and lifetime recreation skills to students with disabilities.

Community Canvas
Darby High School
The goal of this grant is to think through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion while using visual arts as the forum for understanding. Students within each academic area will complete smaller pieces of art which reflect the work and impact of a Black Indigenous Person of Color. A group will work with a local artist to compile the student creations into a larger piece which will be installed at the school.

Hydroponics Gardening
Hoffman Trails Elementary
Students will fuel their passion for growing plants through innovative indoor gardening. Hydroponics is an alternative farming technique that will show an innovative way for students to imagine growing food. Students will get hands-on experience with the growing process and learn about environmental science, sustainability; and future careers in agriculture,  business management, engineering and technology.


Landforms, Erosion, Waterways, Oh My!
Alton Darby Creek Campus
This grant will help purchase an augmented reality table for the Innovative Discovery Center. Students will have the opportunity to explore waterways, landforms, erosion, nonliving resources, and how they interact in the world around them.


Outdoor Learning Paradise
Alton Darby Creek Campus
This project will allow students the ability to extend learning beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom. Alton Darby Creek Campus has some of the few students who are leading the district with the campus model and this grant will provide a space where students can meet in a neutral setting, across buildings and grade levels.

STEAM is Everywhere
Brown Elementary School
A student-influenced mural design digitally created by a local artist. This project will turn a dark brick wall into something inspirational, interactive and vibrant. Students will learn the artistic process, what makes up the five aspects of STEAM, submit visual ideas to a working artist, learn about STEAM-related professions, and grow in their pride of place and through their contribution to the piece.