The Innovation Campus

The Hilliard Innovation Campus is a major step in meeting the district’s 2020 strategic vision of providing the knowledge and skills students will need to succeed in the 21st century. The Campus is designed to provide innovative educational opportunities for students of all needs, providing tutoring for at-risk or challenged students and enrichment programs for the district’s talented and gifted students.

The Innovation Campus is available before, during, and after school for students to use its state-of-the-art technology, take advantage of interest-based education programs, collaborate with other students on projects, get a jump-start on college, and even have a latte and snack at Center’s student-run cafe. Learn more about the Innovation Campus.

In 2012, the Hilliard Education Foundation established an Innovation Fund to begin to set aside funds to help support some of the startup costs of the Campus. The Foundation raised close to $50,000 to support the professional development of the Camps’ teachers and staff, fund some of its technology, and support the development of a District history wall.

The district set a goal of 400 to 500 students enrolled in the Campus’ inaugural program — over 800 students have already enrolled.

With such an overwhelming demand, the Hilliard Education has set out to raise $200,000 to help fund the additional technology needs, additional program support, continued technology training for the staff, and the infrastructure to handle the additional students.